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5 things I like about men

Posted on Apr 18 2014 at 5:05 am

One: Men get sexy with age

I have no reservations against older men. Instead I feel they get hot and sexier with age. Matured men have a class of their own and distinguished characteristics that add a very sexy edge to them. We women on the other hand age faster than men inspite of our over the counter anti-aging creams or sometimes even with those recommended by dermatologists. It’s all because of the male hormones, which we women can only envy, but can’t do anything about it. Grey hair, a moustache etc. only add character to a man, not age, it’s their luck, but it draws women to them, especially one like me.

Two: Baldies

Many women are put off by baldies. But seriously I love baldies, they are just the kind, who appeal to me and I’m into them seriously. I love to play with their bald heads and this act takes me to the height of intoxication, which catches onto them too and we both have a merry time together. A man with long hair

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